7. Cover the pan with a kitchen towel and let the

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Old drivers all know that the high temperature of the car is not only reflected in the air inside the car, but also a key embodiment is in the interior decoration. Generally, the temperature of the exposed car, seat, steering wheel, windshield, skylight and so on will reach the highest point, so if you want to reduce the temperature in the car and reduce the temperature of the interior decoration, you can use towels directly without any props. Stick cold water to wipe all parts simply, although it is a small action, but it can ensure that you will not burn your hands while lying on the steering wheel and your buttocks will not be burned while driving.

Swimming advice: swimmers should know how to protect themselves, bring their own swimsuits, swimming caps and towels, and work together to maintain the hygiene of swimming venues. Observe the sanitary condition of swimming venues when you go swimming, so as to avoid physical damage. Swimming tips: swimmers should also consciously undergo physical examination, such as hepatitis, heart disease, dermatophytes (including tinea pedis), acute conjunctival eyes, otitis media, intestinal infectious diseases, mental illness and alcoholism, should not enter the public swimming pool. Swimming time is generally no more than two hours, after swimming should be timely shower, conditional can order eye drops, in order to prevent the occurrence of infectious skin diseases and eye diseases.

7. Cover the pan with a kitchen towel and let the

Shampoo body soap is not recommended, first, the hospital conditions may not allow, second, the first few days is an important physical recovery period, try not to wash hair bath, especially caesarean section, the wound can not touch water. So just wipe your body with a towel every day.

7. Cover the pan with a kitchen towel and let the shaped baguettes rise for another 30 minutes.

There are more towels in bath places, so you must quickly take smoke prevention measures, quickly use wet towels to cover your mouth and nose, and places equipped with smoke masks must be worn in time.

7. Cover the pan with a kitchen towel and let the

With the beginning of the exercise, the ward staff carried out emergency treatment in accordance with the established emergency procedures of the hospital. under the guidance of the staff, the patient covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel with his left hand, supported the wall with his right hand, and half-squatted and bent down. evacuate from the emergency passage one by one in an orderly manner and successfully reach the safe area. Through actual combat exercises, we have improved our ability to deal with emergencies.

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